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We’ve helped thousands of home-owners and business owners with their plumbing and heating needs. Here is a list of some common questions and concerns we have received over the years.

Common Plumbing Questions

Water Pressure! Plumbing fixtures, toilets, water heaters, and appliances are designed to operate at a water pressure under 75psi. Water pressure is controlled by a pressure regulating valve PRV on your main water line. This device reduces the city water pressure supply to an acceptable pressure below 75psi. Water pressure in your house be between 55 and 75psi. This pressure can be checked with a pressure gauge that we screw onto a faucet location. 

Things to consider:

• Age:
Water heaters come with a 6-year manufacturer warranty. The average life span of a water heater is 10 to 12 years.

Lost Efficiency: I’m running out of hot water faster than I use to, I can only take a 20 minute shower instead of a 30 minute shower.

Tank leak: Water on floor in and around water heater.

1. Type:

  • Tanked, On Demand, Indirect
  • Atmospheric vent, power vent, power direct vent
  • Natural Gas, Propane
  • Capacity in gallons 

2. Location: 

  • Basement, closet, concrete floor, wooden sub floor, proximity to floor drain 

3. Setup: 

  • 2 water heaters, piping in parallel or series, thermal expansion tank, isolation shut offs, water heater pan 

Call Immediately 303-660-6006. And we will bring our combustible gas detector to locate the leak. Then we can shut down the gas supply, make the repair, and then turn the gas back on to confirm repair. We will also re light any gas appliances needed. 

Is it at every faucet location or just one faucet or shower? This question helps determine if it is a water heater issue or a mixing valve issue. 


  • Kitchen, toilet, lavatory sink, shower, tub, floor drain, basement, one area of the house and not the other 


  • Does the water go down eventually? How quickly does it recede? 

Am I on city sewer or do I have a septic tank? 

  • Septic tanks need to be pumped out regularly. 

Your toilet should have a water supply shut off coming through the back wall or floor to the left of the toilet. Shut off the water supply to the toilet and flush the water out of the tank into the bowl. Call for service and we will repair as needed. 

You may be smelling this odor due to the sulfur, hydrogen, and bacteria in the water. Its usually not a concern as it will not make you sick but we understand it is not pleasant. This could be caused by the magnesium anode rod in your heater which can be replaced. Another way to resolve this is to purify the water in your water heater. Give us a call and we will happily come out to inspect what the issue is.

It is important that you always run your water when using the disposal as this will help break down the food. Soft and easy to break down foods like egg shells, soften potatoes, small pieces of meat can be handled without issues. Make sure you are not putting hard materials like bones or coffee grounds down the disposal as this can break down the disposal and wear the blades. Fibrous materials such as corn husks can jam up the disposal, so make sure you are careful with anything like that as well. If you are experiencing issues with your garbage disposal give us a call and we will repair or replace it.

This is probably because your pipes are not properly secured so they may be rubbing against your floor joists. At Flush Plumbing & Heating we are experts in piping and repiping. We can stop by to inspect what is causing the noise and easily fix it. Give us a call if you are experiencing this issue!

Turn off faucet and do not use until service can be provided. 

Is the leak continuous or only happens when a plumbing fixture is used? 

  • If it is continuous then it is most like a water line and the main water should be shut off. 
  • If it is only when a plumbing fixture is used, the plumbing fixture in question should not be used. Water likes to travel from up to down, so go into the bathroom area above leak and check for water on floor or in cabinet. Sometimes plumbing leaks can be isolate with water supply stops to individual fixtures. This can stop further water damage to house. 

No, we do not. We only work on hot water heating systems that use a boiler and pumps to heat the house. 

No, we do not have the equipment to provide this service. 

We offer a 1-year workmanship warranty on all work done by Flush Plumbing & Heating Inc. Certain products come with additional warranties from the manufacturer themselves.